The Mountain


In a land where increasingly more people can’t stand turning on their TV anymore, a legend stood up and took it upon himself to start providing them with hilarious, high quality animated shorts.

We know him, we love him. Mountain Bear has brought endless laughter to the realm with his brilliant animations, and today we honor one of the utmost legends in Beartaria.

The Mountain measures in at approximately 11.5″x18″x1.5″

Non-slip rubber feet containing stainless steel washer and stainless steel screws to ensure no rusting ever.

Board is made from both domestic and exotic hardwoods, including Cherry, Hard Maple, Bocote, Walnut, and Padauk.

Juice groove to catch all of those steak juices or water from veggies.

Each board comes pre-oiled with food grade mineral oil, and is finished with a hand polish using beeswax to keep all of the oil sealed in and protect the board.


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